June 2021 In Honor/In Memory

Each month the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia would like to recognize individuals for whom gifts have been given in memory of or in honor of. We thank each of these individuals for caring about the organization and the mission that the food bank works towards on a daily basis. These gifts are incredibly generous and help us to continue the important work that we are doing.

Anderson, Sarah
Bearden, Patty
Cannady, Shelvy Cameron
Chastain, Larry
Clark, Elmer
Collins, Edwin May
Crowell, Mr & Mrs
Cullen, William Milan
Dorfman, Robert
Doris, Stacey
Fonteboa, Omar
Fosgate, Brian
Frick, Burton & Pauline
Friedrich, Kay
Gallman, Jane N.
Gaus, Clair
Hyatt, Frances B
Keam. Paul & Martha
Killeen, Thomas & Mary
Koziol, Judith& Ike
Massey, Gene
McCluskey, Phillip
McEntee, Patti
Nesmith, Jerry
Ockman, Roger
Rajput, Sushant Singh
 Reeves, Wilson Randolf
Roubicek, Erich & Ilse
 Schreiber, Timothy E.
Sheats, Evelyne H.
Sirzyk, Nellie
Sullens, Clifton
Towery, Ruth
Van Der Well, Pieternella
Vaught, Charles
Vinson, Patricia
Wall, Ruby
Willford, Betty
Witt, Stephanie


For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 3 balanced meals

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