The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia’s Childhood Nutrition services are a group of programs designed to help alleviate the daily threat of hunger for food insecure children in the community. These programs include the Food 2 Kids, Food 2 Kids 360, Food 2 Tots, and Mobile School Food Pantry Programs.

Food 2 Kids

The Food 2 Kids program provides weekend meal bags to over 1,500 students per week identified by teachers and school counselors as chronically hungry. These bags contain six meals and healthy snacks, weigh approximately 6.2lbs per bag, and are delivered directly to schools by volunteers. Over the last year this program distributed 50,055 bags.

Food 2 Kids 360

The F2K 360 program is an extension of our Food 2 Kids program in order to help feed children who experience increased risk of hunger during the summer months. This program uses the same model as the school year distribution, but delivers in locations where children gather such as summer camps, school sites, and summer feeding programs. F2K 360 serves over 500 children a week during the twelve weeks that school is out of session.

Mobile School Food Pantry

The Mobile School Food Pantry program distributes bulk food directly to families. The Food Bank partners with local schools in multiple counties to set up monthly food pantry events on-site to benefit families with children. The program utilizes refrigerated trucks from the Food Bank’s fleet to set up a drive-through style event where families can receive up to 50 pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and shelf-stable foods. This program is designed to eliminate the need for expensive and large cold storage options on-site and to bring food directly to people in their own communities. It functions like our Mobile School Food Pantry program but is directed to children and families specifically rather than being open to the general public

Mobile School Food Pantry 360

This summer we introduced an extension to this program for the first time, the Mobile School Food Pantry 360 program. It functions the same way as our Mobile School Food Pantry program but takes place during the 12 weeks of summer when children are out of school and are at an increased risk for hunger.

In-School Pantries

In-School pantries are open during the school year and offers staples like canned goods, pasta, fruit, and cereal, as well as hygiene products and school supplies. In school pantries provide a respectful experience to the students we serve, removing some of the stigma from receiving food assistance. With students and volunteers involved in running the program, the school and surrounding community takes pride in their ownership of the pantry. This truly is a community-wide effort to end hunger.

To learn more about these programs or how to become a participating agency, please contact our Childhood Nutrition Coordinator, Tracey Massey.

For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 3 balanced meals

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