ATHENS: (706)354-8191
CLAYTON: (706)782-0780

USA - ATHENS, PO Box 48857, ATHENS, GA 30604

USA - CLAYTON, 46 Plaza Way, Clayton, GA 30525

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Food Bank of Northeast Georgia Mountain Region Branch

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is a produce aggregation hub. Through the food bank, we have access to root and leaf processing lines (fresh and frozen prep), Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) line, 100,000 cu. ft. of frozen storage, 60,000 cu. ft. of refrigerated storage, and 30,000 cu. ft. of dry storage, and access to two refrigerated tractor trailers and four refrigerated box trucks. Additionally, a 2,000 sq. ft. certified commercial kitchen will be available for use in 2017. Through partnerships with UGA Cooperative Extension and Georgia Organics, we also provide educational resources and programming for farmers, entrepreneurs, markets, and the community at large in a diversity of agriculture-based business. We provide farm business planning and a variety of assistance services pertaining to issues such as food safety training (GAP, FSMA, etc.), marketing, increased production, and market-specific production.

The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia is committed to providing all farmers with the resources they need to have successful, viable, strong businesses. We are always available to provide farmers with direct technical assistance and one-on-one support in areas such as farm planning, business planning, food safety and grading certifications, and operations support.

In general, we offer suppliers a range of support and services, including aggregation, processing, distribution, sales, and marketing. We also offer suppliers access to new markets and pass along market information, including market demand, trends and needs. This information serves as a resource for our suppliers, enabling them to increase production, develop new products and meet evolving requirements for pricing, packaging, labeling, and food safety. Call 706-782-0780 for more information on our Mountain Branch.