Welcome to our Virtual Food Drive! We’re grateful for your participation—thank you. Let’s begin!

First, click here or go to https://fooddriveonline.org/foodbanknega/
From there you’ll have 2 choices:

1. Click START, jump right in, and start scanning (you can donate specific food products or you can donate cash) OR Click on INSTRUCTIONS for further instruction on how to navigate through our Virtual Food Drive page.

2. You’ll ultimately arrive at the scanner. It operates similarly to a self-checkout scanner at a grocery store. Click and drag your chosen item and place it on the scanner. Repeat with as many products as or many times as you desire.

3. When you’re finished with your order, click on CHECKOUT and then wrap up your donation by approving the amount of your contribution, indicating the duration of your donation, and then finally filling out your personal information (name, address, form of payment, etc.) before giving final approval. That’s it! Thank you for your contribution to ending food insecurity in northeast Georgia.

For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 3 balanced meals

Please Donate Now