The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia will work toward ending hunger as part of an overall community effort to alleviate poverty.


Corporate Partnerships

It is simple and mutually beneficial to become a Financial or Product Partner of the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. Ending hunger in northeast Georgia takes the generosity and support of both types of partners.

Financial Partners

Your sponsorship allows us to acquire, store, process, and distribute much needed food throughout northeast Georgia. The majority of the food we receive is donated. However, the costs associated with the distribution of millions of pounds of food into our community are not. Your generous support will help to provide for necessitates such as electricity to keep our freezers and coolers operating, fuel for our trucks that rescue millions of pounds of food through our retail store donation program, or help cover freight cost to bring in fresh produce from all over the southeast.

Become a Financial Partner

Product Partner

The United States of Agriculture (USDA) reports that approximately 96 billion pounds of food are wasted each year in the United States. That is nearly 3,000 pounds per second. The USDA also reports that approximately 35 million Americans struggle with hunger. The Food Bank of Northeast Georgia helps to bridge that gap by working with businesses and organizations to rescue their distressed, surplus, or unsellable product and put it on the table of those in need.

Become a Product Partner

For more information on how to become a Financial or Product Partner contact our Director of External Relations, Susan Dodson or call 706-354-8191.