We serve hundreds of families all at once through a direct “farmer’s market” style distribution format. With our box truck and tractor trailers, the Food Bank provides truckloads of both perishable and nonperishable food to those in need.

With the addition of COVID-19 we have changed and adapted this program to work “drive through style” in which those in need are able to drive up to the pantry, pop their trunk, and receive a pre portioned 50 pound food box full of nutritiously balanced items including: meats, dairy items, fruits, vegetables, grains, nonperishables, and other food items.

This program eliminates the need for storage space for our partner agencies as well as provides refrigerated storage space they do not have.

In conjunction with our partner agencies, we provide a healthy mixture of fresh/frozen and dry/shelf-stable food. The Food Bank provides a truckload of food, a delivery driver, gas, refrigeration, and transportation of food for approximately 25 to 27 Mobile Pantries a month in an average year, with the addition of the pandemic the Food Bank has been averaging around 32-33 pantries per month, for a total of 393 pantries over the last fiscal year. Partner agencies provide the location and manpower and publicize the food distribution.

This is our second-largest program, this program uses our box trucks and tractor-trailers to supply large quantities of food to hundreds of families. Each time one of our trucks hits the road to do a Mobile Pantry hundreds of families are fed. Our box trucks serve about 300 families or 12,000 meals; while the tractor-trailers serve nearly 600 families or 24,000 meals. Over the last year, this program distributed 5,854,396 pounds or approximately 4,878,663 meals.

For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 3 balanced meals

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