Chuck Toney, Executive Director
James Brim, Mountain Branch Director
Sherry Anderson, Executive Assistant / Human Resources Manager
Tiffany McClain, Accounting Manager
Keith Carver, Reception
Kathie Eastman, Reception


Susan Dodson, Director of External Relations
Jenna Vaisvil, External Relations Assistant / Social Media Manager
Mark Bailey, Grants Manager


Arya Aghdasi, Volunteer Manager
Isaac Swier, Horticulture Manager / Volunteer Coordinator
Mike Cochran, Volunteer Coordinator
Margaret McCallister, Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Rice, Volunteer Coordinator / Driver


Tonya Bolton, Programs Manager
Latasha James, Agency Compliance
Tracey Massey, Childhood Nutrition Manager
Sarah Comito, Childhood Nutrition Assistant
Samantha Thacker, Teaching Kitchen Manager


Jim Heider, Operations Manager
Stephen Anderson, Operations Manager
Dave Williams, Food Procurement Manager
Jim Pope, Special Projects Manager
Wanda Smith, Production Lead
Cynthia Griffin, Checkout
Shay Welborn, Checkout
Aaron Holt, Maintenance
Marcell Powell, Warehouse Assistant
Tony Whitmire, Warehouse Assistant
B.J. Baxter, Driver
Frazier Johnson, Driver
Demetrius Sanders, Driver
David Smith, Driver
Phillip Wilkes, Driver
Roy Wood, Driver


Shannon Arnold, Facilities Manager
David Davenport, AIB

For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 4 meals.

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