Athens Branch

Erin Barger, President and CEO


Stevie Jandrlich, SNAP Outreach Coordinator
Tracey Massey, Childhood Nutrition and Partnerships Coordinator

Volunteer Experience

Noah Cooke, Manager of the Volunteer Experience
Sierra Daniels, Volunteer Coordinator
Anna Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator


Kelly Klein, Director of Development
Jana Harwell, Manager of the Donor Experience
Lauren Burrell, Development Assistant

Strategy and Impact

Jacob Lambeck, Director of Strategy and Impact

Accounting and Administration

Tiffany McClain-Clegg, Accounting and Human Resources Manager
Tim Schreiber, Accounting and Human Resources Associate

Agency Experience

Cynthia Griffith, Agency Experience Associate


David Williams, Director of Operations
Roger Henry, Assistant Director of Operations
B.J. Baxter, Facilities and Fleet Manager
Peyton Walker, Warehouse Manager
Raine Dillon, Lead Food Sourcer
Jim Heider, Logistics Coordinator
Shay Howard, Driver
Joseph JacksonDriver
Frazier Johnson, Driver
Steven Pavelski, Driver
Ren Sherman, Warehouse Associate
Amber Tandy, Warehouse Associate


Mountain Branch

James Brim, Mountain Branch Director

Agency Experience

Melissa Johnson, Community Outreach Coordinator


Philip Wilkes, Warehouse Coordinator
Luke Smith, Driver
Michael Cochran, Driver

For every $1 the Food Bank receives, we are able to distribute 3 balanced meals

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